I have twice informed the hanlees hilltop nissan dealer about the problem, but they did nothing. Problem continued to reoccur and a software update (ntb 18-041a) was completed on march 1, 2019. Occurs while driving 10-20mph or 50+ on highway. The vehicle was taken to kelly nissan of route 33 (3830 easton nazareth hwy, easton, pa 18045) to be diagnosed, but they were not able to replicate the failure. See I've owned this car for 8 months now. 1. The vehicle was towed to route 22 nissan (56 us-22, hillside, nj 07205) however, the mechanic was unable to determine the cause of the failure. THE VEHICLE WAS NOT DIAGNOSED OR REPAIRED. When passing through that same intersection the same issue happened maybe other 5 times. The car shut off. The contact had pressed the accelerator pedal immediately after and the vehicle functioned as anticipated. However, numerous lights on the dashboard were illuminated that should not be illuminated while the vehicle was parked and turned on. Stop Around june 1, 2020 I took my 2018 nissan rogue back to nashville downtown nissan to repair the sudden braking problem again. The problem first occurred during initial day of ownership on march 13, 2018. Luckily no one was behind me. Updated on April 19th, 2023Author: Brian Jones, Updated on April 19th, 2023 Author: Brian Jones. 0000021216 00000 n Then warning flashes on dash quickly and immediately after warning display my car slammed to a stop. I called nissan service they said they were unaware of a problem but I made appt to bring in to be evaluated, they did not find anything wrong and I was charged a diagnostics fee. It can help keep you in your lane. I am a small adult, around 94 pounds. The 1st incidence was the drivers window not rolling up and down properly. Visibility was perfect. The warning 1/1, malfunction Mechanic's Assistant: Solid Mechanic's Assistant: What's the approximate on your 2021 Rogue? I looked up and they said if abs lights you should not drive and have it towed because it could start a fire! I've brought this up to a local Nissan dealership and they dismissed it and said nothings wrong. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact also mentioned that the camera erroneously detected that a vehicle was in the front of his vehicle, which caused it to brake automatically. The contact owns a 2018 nissan rogue. Perhaps relocate the sensor. While driving on a sunny day on a city street my car suddenly slammed on the brakes while driving under a highway overpass. The nissan rogue has 1859 miles. Had one instance when pulled the wipers to clean the windshield, the sprayer worked but the wipers did not. Upon accruing 21,000 miles vehicle started shaking and vibrating all of a sudden while traveling down the interstate. All the indicators on the instrument panel were illuminated. As I reached the crest of the ramp, the brakes engaged and car slowed. It was a four lane highway (2 lanes each way) with a barrier. On august 17th the aeb system engaged as I was driving down the road, there were no vehicles or obstructions in front of me to cause such action. The car still needs this to be corrected, and we will try to get recourse from the dealership where we purchased the vehicle second hand. Immediately after, I hear a grinding noise and the car slows down. Both the driver and front passenger suffered head and neck injuries, which required medical treatment. with a new one. The towing feature has been disabled since the fall. *jb*dad this is an ongoing issue. If there is no button for the FCW system, you can use your information screen and settings to turn off or deactivate the Front Collision Warning system. Today, sunday, january 23, the defect reoccurred. Forward collision avoidance system: The automated emergency braking system on the 2021 Nissan Rogue is said to malfunction. I turned the steering wheel to the right to brake the speed of the car and to avoid a head-on collision with the garage's front wall. Due to this, I feel very unsafe, uncomfortable and scared to drive that vehicle again as I drove that vehicle for just 4 miles before we turned that vehicle to downey nissan dealer again in less than 30 minutes of our purchase for repair. Additionally, on several occasions, the vehicle failed to accelerate as designed. The contact insisted that the vehicle had not struck an object. Click for detailed information:https://carwarninglights.net/warning-light/tyre-pressure-monitoring-warning-light/. Service personal said that it should be okay. THIS BRAND NEW ROGUE SL PLATNUM INT. with the CVT system. Smart Entry System Indicator Light; Indicates a malfunction in the smart entry & start system or The warning lamp informs that the ignition key is faulty. I've tried cleaning the sensors, turning the car on and off, and even turning the emergency breaks off. be impossible to start the engine. I was in the passing lane when I felt the vehicle lose power (I initially thought it was a strong headwind as we were experiencing the tail-end of a hurricane here in the northeast). I was driving on a city street, came up to an intersection to make a left hand turn and all of a sudden the car put on the brakes and jolted me and my passenger forward. Again today, I was driving down the city road going approximately 25 mph and the car it happened again. I stopped on red light, while I release brake pedal I hear sound like click.. I was driving to work this morning at 6:25am about 35 mph on a major road, not highway, when the automatic vehicle brakes stopped the car suddenly. Purchased the vehicle in oct 2018. The vehicle had not been repaired. The vehicle was taken to passport Nissan (5000 auth way, camp springs, MD 20746, 301-423-8400) where it was diagnosed that the forward collision sensor failed. My car broke on the freeway going 70 mph to 50 mph. There was a vehicle following me which had to swerve around me or else there would have been a rear collision. The failure mileage was unavailable. Uneven tire wear took in doer inspection and discovered the problem was the rack and pinion /inner/outer tie rods uneven *tr, I was driving down the road and the brakes locked up in the car came to a complete stop and the sensor system detected something in front of me when there was nothing in front of me. I experienced unwarranted brake assist while driving down the road. The emergency braking system activates in the parking garage where I work. I would love to know that number. It does not recognize the key. I've never heard of door lock actuator failure and believe it to be a manufacturing error and safety hazard. The contact depressed the accelerator pedal and the vehicle resumed normal operation. Twice in the last 3 days. Took it to dealership they can't diagnose the problem. While driving 40 mph, the forward collision sensor suddenly activated although there were no vehicles nearby. This can cause an accident, I was reading others owner are going to the same issues. We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm" smalltext="Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of bad manufacturing and run-arounds from auto companies. Nissan has failed to outreach or replace this vehicle in exchange for one that is certified and safe for the roadways. Have had three separate occasions where car breaked with no apparent obstruction while driving 30 mph on city street: The automatic emergency braking system is engaging when there is not even other cars in front of my moving vehicle. Moving ahead in straight direction. Took the car in for service and the dealership stated they had never seen this issue before and that they didn't know how to fix it. The technician replaced the anti-collison sensors. Abrupt automatic unwarranted braking occurred in two incidents while travelling on boulevard. 0000001256 00000 n The dealer was not contacted. Please help us who purchased these cars!! I believe this exact thing happened to me going approx 50-60mph on the highway with no other vehicles in my path. The warranty had a small allotted time of five days for a loaner vehicle. There was a very load pop when the closed sunroof exploded apart. This could be corrected by the company not allowing the picture to display until it is fully ready to present a current picture. They then replaced the computer and installed new programming. There were cars behind me that almost hit me. The contact stated that there was an abnormal sound while turning the steering wheel and additionally, there was a vibration in the suspension. There were no cars in front of me. A Nissan Rogue can surprise you with a lot of mysterious problems and malfunctions that are hard to locate and understand. Several of those 25 reboots my radio will turn itself back on at an extremely loud volume, startling me while I'm driving. This is very dangerous as it puts everyone's life at risk. This warning illuminates when the there is a problem I did and it says This warning appears when the Blind Spot Warning/Lane Departure Warning or Forward Collision Warning systems are not functioning properly 2019 rogue Has anyone experienced or heard of this? I am extremely scared to go on a highway and this is what im up against. 15 minutesxago Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Nissan Mechanic should know before I connect you? The vehicle was taken to peters nissan of nashua (s280 amherst st, nashua, nh 03063, (603) 718-3851) where the contact was informed that the radio system was the main hub for the vehicle's electronic systems and back up camera. label. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and informed the contact that the non-folding key she had received from the dealer was a temporary repair. The automatic breaking feature triggered 6 times on 2/15/2020 causing us to almost wreck multiple times. Also, in some vehicles, automatic braking can be applied. This is a major hazard! I like the car but I cannot keep it with this defect. If I am approaching another car, the automatic breaks apply very late if cruise control is set on. This warning may appear if there is a large difference Pre sense warning light; Pre Sense, uses sensors that trigger the electronic stability control system when the driver applies the brake forcefully. It was snowing some on that trip. The car briefly stopped and then the brake let up and I then could continue driving a couple seconds later. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. To keep the FCW system operating properly, be Key, refer to NISSAN Intelligent Key in the On june 24, 2019 as I approached a green traffic light, warning lights and alarms went off in the car. Once the control unit registers problems with one of the modules of the system, it will send you a malfunction light on the dashboard. The light turned green I stepped on the gas and within a few seconds the car came to a complete stop. Their answers were: "it has something to do with the transmission." After He revised the car and could not see anything except that the car would not start. If it is too clogged, your vehicle may stop occasionally. Service adviser was contacted next day with zero return calls within two days. The failure occurred multiple times. Nissan took over and started they needed to perform an investigation. Bought this car be with 42 miles on it. I asked the dealer to replace the system under my warranty. Later, the "no key", "near crash", and "traction control" messages illuminated on the instrument panel. About 3 months ago, going over railroad tracks my car abruptly slammed on the brakes on its own and came to a stop on the tracks. all problems of the 2017 Nissan Rogue The system thinks there is an obstruction when their is nothing in front of you. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and a representative was sent to examine the vehicle at priority nissan (6390 richmond rd, williamsburg, va). I do not feel the brake pedal physically depress, but it shakes. Fast forward a few days and it begins to rain for days straight and I'm left fiddling with my keys to open my door, while also holding a purse, baby bag, and baby on my hip and trying to balance an umbrella to keep us dry. The contact stated that the braking system failure caused the steering wheel to also become inoperable. There was no reason for this incident to occur since there was no other car nearby, no debris on the road, and nothing adhering to the front of the car near the sensor. Back over prevention. Brought it in a second time earlier this week. The is no switch so everytime I start the car I have to go through the menu, find the setting and toggle it off. The vehicle is brand new with less than 40k miles and is becoming more and more dangerous for my children and I. Takata recall. On nov 7th I was driving on the service road with is along side the highway going to lunch with my son and his respite worker and again the emergency brake pulled us to a stop that nearly cause us and others into a accident because its a very busy service road. Vehicle speed was reduced to 25mph for several seconds, then alert disengaged. *tt *tr. In several instances, motorist traveling behind were unexpectedly surprised and forced to take evasive maneuvers to avoid collision. The contact stated that this was the second time the failure occurred. When I had the car serviced at the dealer, I told the service rep about the issue. 0 I only drove the car for 700 miles and havent seen it since. Kick moving liftgate opening doesn't work properly. 0000004407 00000 n It also made a grinding noise which I assume was from the brakes being applied suddenly. vehicle information display after a period of time if I called nissan and they did not seem to concerned and didn't know what to tell me. We were driving straight, it was dark with no street lights and no other cars or objects on the road. The contact received recall notification of nhtsa campaign number:23v093000(electrical system), however, the parts to do the recall repair were not yet available. While driving 40 mph, the forward collision sensor suddenly activated although there were no vehicles nearby. This happened on city roads 3 times and the highway once. and driving section of this manual. 25 miles an hour. warning light in the meter illuminates and low tire 7. Just recently found this reporting site and as we are afraid of a rear end collision happening if this is not addressed with nissan. The vehicle was taken to local dealer autonation nissan miami located at 3345 sw 8th st, miami, fl 33135, (305) 707-0145, where it was unable to duplicate the failure. The dealer has been unable to fix the problem which they now say disables the hands free system in most 2018 rogues. On september 11, 2019, the vehicle seized and stalled in the middle of traffic. Took it in to dealer nov. 26, they said no recalls/updates and working. Refuel as soon as it is The manufacturer was not notified of the failures. The last time I was going 40 mph and it came to a sudden stop with a vehicle behind me that almost hit me. For example, the commercial vehicle and concierge service programs are now launching in the summer of 2020. The backup camera freezes up or disappears while backing up. Nissan should absolutely recall the cars affected by this! The vehicle was towed from the scene to an independent mechanic where it remained in their possession. I said this is not normal and it's dangerous. I was driving on the highway doing 60 mph and all warning lights sounds and the breaks came on and stopped me without me touching them. light comes on while the engine is stopped, it may I did not notice any occrence of such. Dealer found no evidence of malfunctioning of the vehicle. statu. The contact stated while driving 45 mph, the vehicle stalled with several unknown warning lights illuminated. The car is available for inspection on request. It would be difficult to weed through all of them, but one stood out in particular to us. The abs activated early in the morning with sun shining through an overhead train signal. *tr, Happened multiple times till now. I ask that all repair records prior to my purchase be researched for prior reports of this problem. The vehicle was taken to the local dealer where diagnosed the cooling fans were not registering. I have had nissan look at it and have had the update done and I still have the same issue. On march 9, 2019, the same problem happened again - I was driving at about 55 mph on interstate 81, with no vehicle in front of me, and my vehicle applied the brakes suddenly and unexpectedly. Driving down a road thank god no vehicles behind, going approx 25-30 and all of a sudden within 10 seconds I got a yellow warning, then immediately red warning light that completely stop my vechile to a dead stop . In addition to the brake issue, the engine in this vehicle also ramps up to high rpms at low speeds (as if you were punching the gas when you're not) and idles very, very loudly. The only thing in the road was a metal drain cover. While driving 5 mph, the vehicle unexpectedly stopped moving and the front camera malfunctioned. The Rogue with a VIN of JN8AT2MV8LW135567 is located in Stratham, NH, has 15,841 miles, is Magnetic Black with a 2.5L I4 16V MPFI DOHC engine and CVT transmission. We made a purchase of brand new nissan rogue sv yesterday 06/24/2018. It slams on the bakes so fast that the car almost dies and turns off. While driving the abs randomly brakes and a malfunction warning comes on while on the highway which can cause an accident nissan will not fix it without charging There is never anything in front of the vehicle or in its path, but the car beeps, shakes, and the breaks engage at random moments. I dont think it's a safety feature if it almost causes an accident. While driving straight at approximately 25-30 mph on a city street with a slight incline and no other vehicles around or inconsistencies in the road surface, the vehicle made a hard and abrupt deceleration combined with a grinding sound for about 2-3 seconds then resumed normal operation. After 2 seconds the noise goes away. Tl the contact owns a 2018 Nissan Rogue. will illuminate to indicate it is set. When you accelerate the seat moves back and if you brake the seat moves forward. When depressing a brake to slow a vehicle down, the vehicle should not accelerate by itself. engine idling. Nissan Rogue Front Collision Warning Malfunction Hard to Deal with? No other vehicles in front of vehicle. It pulling up and came to a stop causing beeping and cars nearly hitting us. Currently has less than 1,700 miles on it. When I stop the car in front of a red traffic light signal or get stuck in traffic and the lever in position "d" my back feels vibration. This has occurred twice within last week or so. 2. I have been on roads where I am the only car and it has happened and most recently on the highway with cars speeding behind me almost hitting me. First time simply charged my battery, second time replaced my battery, third time just let my car sit for days to see what would happen so I had to pick it up without it being resolved. On 11/26 I was stopped at a light. This vehicle is equipped with a front radar system which will apply emergency breaking if objects are sensed to be in front of the vehicle while it's in motion. If this issue is not addressed, it is going to cause a lot of accidents. And have been told there is nothing wrong with the sensors. This issue has been going on and off from the year 2020 until now, march 22nd, 2021. Luckily each one of the times I was not driving freeway speeds. When the brakes engaged a malfunction warning flashed on my screen. The overhead light stays on as well. This is a significant safety issue. Hood Open Warning Light;If the engine hood is open, this vehicle warning light will appear on the panel. I called the dealer I bought the car from and they apparently know of the issue. Very scary and dangerous. The vehicle is equipped with nissan's forward collision monitoring system. We have been in florida for the past 5 months that is why we are just reporting this. Upon the return trip, again after approximately 50-55 minutes of continuous driving the same braking occurred only this time at highway speed 60-65 mph. Typically, the light is seen when the system intervenes to maintain traction. The automatic emergency brake system engages when there is a clear road and no obstructions in front of or around the vehicle whatsoever. At that time they finally offered me a loaner and days later took it back and wanted to charge me so I gave it back. When the tow driver had me get in to help him move it, and I found the parking break depressed and the car in park. I headed home very slowly. The vehicle is just outside of the warranty period and mileage. This could lead to damage on the radiator and engine due to no cooling. It did not reoccur for the remainder of the trip, approximate total trip time of 75-80 minutes. Took vehicle to dealership and found out after investigation that there is foam inside the tire from manufacturer, to prevent road noise, that had come disengaged from the inner tire wall. Neither a dealer nor the manufacturer were contacted. my car is shutting down with no reason and suddenly stopping when I'm driving in traffic 65 mph this happening four separate times today november,17 2022 in my driveway, at the parking lot at gas stations at work this unsafe car can cause a dangerous crash on the road because of the suddenly stop I m scar to drive this unsafe car I m putting my self and my family and other on the road at risk by driving it. Suddenly the car made an awful sound and the brakes locked. General information It would be best to take your vehicle to your service provider. I was traveling in a straight line. 2. I bought a 2020 rogue. The infotainment system is important because it has your backup cameras and navigation system. The forward collision avoidance (fca) / automatic emergency braking system inadvertently activated resulting the brakes being abruptly applied while driving forward on a neighborhood thoroughfare at 40 mph and nothing in front of me.. I have called the autonation pinecrest dealership and they told me to bring the vehicle in to check the fca sensor because they have similar complaints from other new rogue owners. THE CONTACT OWNS A 2018 NISSAN ROGUE. The vehicle was moving steadily about 25 to 30 mph on the road before you get to rte 100/422 bypass. Driving vehicle on the highway when without notice the brakes engage. Nissan I do not feel safe in this vehicle. The car was thrown from the left guard rail to the right side causing extensive damage and no airbag deployed in the event of this crash. They ordered a new ckd laser control unit, reprogrammed it, performed sensor calibration, road tested it and say they verified all warning lights are out and no codes are reset. Again, a huge safety issue. I turned the wheel to get the car back on the road but the steering wheel did not respond. However in these The contact stated while driving at various speeds the forward collision automatic emergency braking system engaged without warning. No emergency breaking, no lane departure or lane recognition. At first I thought that maybe my key battery was dying and decided to get the battery replaced before returning to the dealership but the battery was not the issue. Happened twice within one week of each other. Nothing in front and thankfully no cars behind me. No vehicles, objects, items, curbs, etc in vicinity or in front of vehicle. Dealer stated that nissan was aware of some issues and was working on a solution. Called aaa, they couldn't stop engine from running and stated they weren't "authorized" to do anything else. 9 mpg and in my 2018 I'm getting an avg of 24-25mpg without a/c running! See The contact pulled over on the side of the ride and opened and closed the door several times for the door to close properly. A complaint was made to nissan (case # 36911652) on the afternoon of august 27. The most recent incident happened while the car was in motion on a highway going 45-50 mph - the aeb system deployed and the car fully engaged the brakes in an attempt to stop. Sensor has been replaced twice and problem still persists. The manufacturer was not available. Going home from work on friday, going 60 mph on the highway, my vehicle braked on its own. pressure is detected. The automaker has little to say regarding issues with brakes, even though many other complaints just like this one exist. The only way to properly resolve any of the above conditions is to properly diagnose the vehicle at a qualified repair shop. The indicator flashed, which meant the feature was unavailable. Multiple occurrences of car tire pressure monitoring system warning light appearing on dash and it seemed the brakes were going on too, without being applied. As of yet, no warning lights or error messages. Approach control warning The driving mode may change to Two-Wheel Drive (2WD). Tl* the contact owns a 2018 nissan rogue. While driving, the contact noticed that the forward collision emergency braking system indicator turned off without warning. The vehicle was taken to smithtown nissan (535 middle country rd, st james ny 11780, (631) 361-9696) and a software update was completed; however, the failure recurred. The low oil pressure warning is Warning flashes on dashboard constantly. When I drive car 70 mph and push brake pedal gently I feel pulse beating on steering wheel, body, seats. Car behind me did not expect sudden stop and rear ended me. The contact sustained facial injuries but did not seek medical attention. Glow Plug Warning Light: What does Glow Plug Light Mean? The contact stated that while driving at low speeds with the brake pedal depressed, the automatic emergency braking engaged without warning. This lasted a brief second or two, then the vehicle resumed forward motion. If this indicator illuminates, replace the battery Dipped head lights; This sign appears on the front panel when the short headlights are on. Next day on the 26th while going up the mountain the vehicle didn't beep but did stop while driving in 3rd gear. The vehicle was taken to tonkin wilsonville nissan (9206, 26700 sw 95th ave, wilsonville, or 97070, (503) 222-2277) where it was diagnosed that the automatic emergency brake sensor and passenger side air bag sensor needed to be reprogrammed. This proposed safety feature in actuallity has made these experiences feel it as unsafe. When it did finally go, it was very jerky and I was almost in an accident. The last time this happened, the issue occurred 2-3 times in succession. Could have caused a rear end collision if anyone were behind me or if I were on the highway. I took my car to the dealership, and was told there is a recall on the abs. Good luck w/your Rogue. It was moderate weather for december in the st. Louis, mo area (I'm guessing in the 40's). Car is sitting on the dealer's lot waiting for nissan engineer to come. I have purchased certified pre-owned 2018 nissan rouge sl on july 17th 2021 from a dealer in totowa, nj, 07512. They reassured me that we still have the warranty so these problems are still covered. It hurts my health. This warning appears when the headlights are I've taken it in to get "fixed" only to have the exact same thing happen again. The failure mileage was approximately 1,000. *bf the consumer no longer owns the vehicle.*js. I told the dealership that the emergency automatic braking system initiated while no other cars were around. This was extremely dangerous, although I was only going. The incident lasted about 20 seconds and then the car resumed normal function. Pull off the road in a safe area, with the The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The navigation/audio system screen with nissanconnect service just goes black. Check that all the tire sizes are the There were no vehicles or obstacles immediately in front of my vehicle, however there were several vehicles behind me and within the lanes on either side of me. The roads were dry, it was very windy out, the ramp to the freeways both was at a slight incline with straight access. Brand new 2018 nissan rogue, driving to work at around 6am roughly 30mph. All instances happened whether driving, starting or parking the car. Always have the repair shop do a full computer system scan. I think this unacceptable, I could be dead right now, and all the stress that was involved. The failure only lasted a few seconds and then the contact drove home. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system Automatic braking system did not stop the car and air bags did not engage. It is alarming! 0000003209 00000 n Although nissan is going to reimburse me the 5. 6_tT%FNZIciLWt#@gaP{i;[0k#-TW` Mazb{J+GzzO\lBQ!15?e{Bee4w?g$y|^h9{eT/Io5(U;JssG_n}19VAbq[E!Y&bP>w]_H It has only been 3 days since they shut that function off, so I will keep you posted. For Asked whether the vehicle was now safe to drive. When we went to get the car we were told that there was no code set and they tested the sensors and found nothing wrong. This is not legal advice. The contact owns a 2018 nissan rogue sport. This indicator shows the transmission shift position. The approximate failure mileage was 3,101. Problem was supposed to be fixed after update performed on 6/8/19, but is still occurring. While driving at speed of 35 mph , suddenly forward collision warning started flashing and automatic brakes went on . At one time ,with my wife driving the engine died on a railroad tracks. The contact stated that the failure occurred numerous times. That happened in may 2019. Since the problem wasn't replicated, they said they couldn't help. tires are not excessively worn. It started braking by itself while I was driving 65 mph on the freeway. She drove on it for less than 15 minutes before hearing a loud pop from the back, at which point the vehicle started smoking. The collision monitoring system unit(s) were replaced. There was no car in front or back of me and my vehicle just suddenly braked. 5. however could not guarantee it wouldn't happen again, also still no idea what exactly caused the stalling. To date, I have no car and no answers. They wanted to charge me text="Who are we? It will eventually fully detect the vehicle and decelerate, but I usually have to slam on the brakes to prevent from getting too close to the recently merged car. bristol city 2020 21, alaska plane crash today, santa cruz mugshots september 2020,