However, he broke with Rome following the popes refusal to declare the kings first marriage invalid. The most striking characteristic of Hamlets language is its ambiguity. 3 He loves to hear her speak. F Anglo-Saxon literature was anonymous and it was sung by the scops. He wishes he could turn into air and then into water drops. 2. He sees God as a heroic, magnificent person. What themes are linked to the theme of revenge? Explain your answer. Boxes: Macbeths change since the beginning of the play: A er all the horrors he has suppd with, Macbeth does not know fear any more. 3. The Normans won the battle. What happened to her local village in the Swat Valley? 5 1. 2 94.3 Es. 2 105 My name is January 105.1 Es. William was later crowned William I in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day, 1066. qualcuno ha le soluzioni del libro "performer heritage 1"? J Es. 4 1. LE RISPOSTE COPERTE DALLE PUBBLICIT LE POTETE VEDERE COPIANDO E INCOLLANDO SU WORD LA PARTE DI TESTO NASCOSTO, Copyright 2023 Ladybird Srl - Via Leonardo da Vinci 16, 10126, Torino, Italy - VAT 10816460017 - All rights reserved, Scarica documenti, segui i Video Corsi ed esercitati con i Quiz, Soluzioni libro di inglese inside grammar, Soluzioni esercizi libro inglese navigate WORKBOOK, The Merchant of Venice soluzioni degli esercizi, soluzioni libro di inglese pet complete pet, esercizi di inglese C1 advanced con soluzioni, TUTTI GLI ESERCIZI DI INGLESE CHIESTI NEGLI APPELLI RECEDENTI- H. A. CREEK, Esercizi condizionale inglese con soluzioni, soluzioni degli esercizi del capitolo 4 di pianificazione e controllo, Esercizi inglese con soluzioni- livello Upper-intermediate, Romeo and Juliet soluzioni degli esercizi di tutti i brani, Soluzioni compiti inglese del libro di Charles Dickens, SOLUZIONI ESERCIZI LIBRO "HORIZONTES 1" - SPAGNOLO, Alma Mater Studiorum Universit di Bologna, Universit degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano. What function does this literary technique serve? However, as of 2019, 7,672 species are recorded in the second edition of the flora of Italy and in its digital archives Digital flora of Italy. Beginning of the sequence Romeo is going to speak. 5 54.6 Es. He is said to have murdered his two nephews. 3. Who marries Romeo and Juliet? 1 95.2 The Way of the World 95.2.1 Es. Most of the surviving abbey was built in the Gothic style for Henry III between 1245 and 1272. 6. Who will they meet? 4 156.5 Es. 6 151.7 Es. 2.13 John Milton Es. Come affrontare la matematica con successo. Es. D 11. 2 1. sand churned in surf (line 25) Over the waves, with the wind behind her and foam at her neck (lines 29-30) they convey the idea of a rough sea, whose waves rise high and fearful (lines 25-30). 8 Elizabeth had become a sort of goddess of her time therefore, her exterior appearance was not important, what mattered most was her divine authority. With the Act of Supremacy (1534) Henry was declared the Supreme Head of the Church of England, and it became treason to deny it. 8 103 From Text to Screen: Robinson Crusoe 103.1 Es. F 6. What is Chaucers function in the story? G 2. Expected answers will mention Davids anger and feelings of hurt and being misunderstood, and his strong desire for some sort of revenge for the unfair way he had been treated. 1 85.2 Es. 1 100.2 Es. Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. / She has deceived her father, and may thee (lines 30-31). 3 143.4 Es. 12 Didascalia Sonnet sequence Romeo and Juliet Characters The angelical woman is the embodiment of both physical and moral perfection. Find the lines or phrases that Juliet speaks which mean the following. 4. 5. Everything turns out as he plans until he is finally discovered. He has also become aware of the limitations of magic: although it has made possible great achievements in material terms, there has been no improvement in the minds of men. Music flows mysteriously through the play, enhancing its supernatural dimension. Shakespeare makes her very unsympathetic when he unsexes her with her speeches encouraging Macbeth to manly acts. Decide whether the following statements referred to Desdemona are true or false. The particular reflected and contained the universal, and these two concepts acted and reacted in concert. Scuola secondaria. What was Henry VIII like? Yes, they are. He hails the horrors of Hell (lines 9-10). When? 1.6 The Wars of the Roses Es. 7 36 2.3 Renaissance and New Learning 36.1 Es. 3 93 3.7 A survey of Augustan literature 93.1 Es. She drowns herself. 2. 2. what action he feels he should be doing; He wonders if he ought to phone the emergency services. 1 15 T1 The hero come to Hearot 15.1 Es. 1 54.2 Es. Es. He also wonders if he ought to go and make himself available to the hospital. C 5. Lines 22-23: the boat was on water, / in close under the cliffs line 28: wood-wreathed lines 30-31: she flew like a bird / until her curved prow had covered the distance. Elizabeth is shown carrying a rainbow in her right hand. 6. 3 37.4 Es. 4 The language in the extract is poetic, descriptive, formal and occasionally ironic. D 2. The players and tale are so effective because Macbeth itself is a tale told by players, and though also not real, it presumably has the audiences rapt attention at this point! 1 159.2 Es. What do his words (lines 13-18) reveal about his character? When she wakes in the tomb and finds Romeo dead beside her, she does not kill herself because of her weakness as a woman, but rather because of her strong love, just as Romeo did. Some fire lit by warriors up on a snowy cliff is thrown down on to the ship. They are the power of love. How did Alfred strengthen the defences of Wessex? 3rd section (lines 51-62): Prosperos power on Caliban. 10 Even if Romeos answer is uncertain, he has been influenced by Juliet and he is now ready to refuse his name. He established his capital at Winchester and invited scholars from the continent. What common idea do they share? He was Edward IVs brother and Duke of Gloucester. He tells the audience that Desdemona is waking (line 22). 2 Marley sees God as a living person who helps in a practical way on earth. How would you define Elizabeths religious policy? 2. Hell Es. It was a struggle between tyranny, embodied by Stuart absolutism, and liberty, represented by Parliament. Where does Shakespeare set the scene? Love is one of the most important aspects of Romeo and Juliet. 3 88.4 Es. 4 88.5 Es. What can he see under his feet on the shore? 1 51.2 Es. Grammarly Install Affidabilit 100% Le seguenti soluzioni sono quelle ufficiali fornite dall'editore del libro 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 2/239 Performer Heritage Autore Marina Spiazzi Marina Tavella Margaret Layton Materia Inglese Volume 1 Editore Zanichelli ISBN 9788808737441 Anno 2016 Scuola Secondaria di II grado Classe Secondo Biennio 4.3 Es. Where is Romeo exiled a er killing Tybalt? 2nd section (lines 13-50): The once good tie between Prospero and Caliban has become a master-slave relationship. 3 82.4 Es. What chest does Bassanio choose? 4 Causes Consequences Charles Is reign was troubled by a continuous clash with Parliament. 2. 1 58.2 Es. 9. It is in the hearts of kings and in God. Es. What are the most important characteristics of Miltons style? Was he successful? Her suitors must choose among three caskets or chests: the suitor who chooses the one containing Portias picture will marry her. His wife died 16 9. What is it like? Romeo and Juliet are in front of the li . 8. Almighty 5. 2 48.3 Es. according to him, theology and philosophy, that is, medieval and Renaissance thought, are too restrictive. Here virtue acquires many meanings: humanity, charity, love, good faith. She managed to create a popular and majestic image of the sovereign who appeared as the defender of a nation and the preserver of peace. A council made up of barons, clergy, knights and representatives of the towns. 4 41.5 Es. 4. The Celtic language remains in Welsh in Wales, and Gaelic in Scotland and Ireland. A new Parliament was then elected, the so-called Long Parliament 1642 Charles I entered the House of Commons to arrest its five most extreme MPs, but they had already escaped. Where does Paradise Lost take place? Who kills him in the third act? Satan is speaking. G 2. They denote the bond of friendship that links the Christian characters and again highlight Christian goodness Highlighted in grey: negative words referred to the way the Christians see Shylock. The walls are interrupted by several columns which create a continuous arcade of openings. Es. The tasks she asks are even more difficult and probably only the leather and feather will be obvious. C It explains events which have taken place offstage. A charter demanding specific liberties. 8. 4 82 Review 82.1 Es. Peasants Revolt 19. discontent 20. authority 21. clergy 22. treaty 23. wage war 24. rule Es. Choose from among the following. She can speak French. Life is nothing but a flickering light, a passing shadow, an actor playing a part, or a meaningless story (brief candle, walking shadow, poor player, tale / Told by an idiot). 9. Romeo is influenced by Juliets words and he is ready to refuse his name. 2nd section (lines 14-28): Description of the ghosts punishment in the other world. What does the word Malala mean? Describe the cause and effect relationship in lines 26-28. 3 135.4 Es. 6 97.7 Es. The contrast between Iago and Othello is underlined by the use of two different styles of language. The Tudors represented the universal order as a chain of being, which had two main characteristics. 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 36/239 2. 5. The first and the last line turn it into a modern love story. eBook multimediale Booktab Richiedi informazioni ISBN: 9788808853554 Disponibilit immediata 24,50 Opere in regime IVA normale (aliquota 4%, salvo modifiche) Aggiungi al carrello Performer Heritage Materiale fuori commercio - riservato ai docenti Rivolgersi alla filiale o agenzia Zanichelli di zona Teacher's Guide and Tests volume 2 Pag. The Romans le Britain in 409AD as soldiers were withdrawn to defend Rome against the Barbarian raiders. It shows the Seven Kingdoms established by the Anglo-Saxons, some of which still mark county or regional names. What prevails in the soundtrack of the sequence? Mercy blesses both those who give it and those who receive it Es. Why was there a large church building campaign in England a er the Norman Conquest? 5 90 Across Cultures - The circulation of ideas 90.1 Es. They must be dated by combining three kinds of evidence: external, internal and stylistic. Puritan rules were introduced, including execution for adultery, the abolition of popular pastimes, games, dancing and theatre performances. Why did Milton choose the epic form for his masterpiece? 2 38.3 Es. He added the will to possess supreme beauty, thus anticipating the Romantic tension towards the infinite. He married his son and heir to the Aragonese heiress Catherine and two of his daughters equally well to the Kings of France and Scotland. visual analysis, con attivit di contestualizzazione e approfondimento. What facts paved the way to the breach with Rome? 2 103.3 Es. The names given to the pilgrims refer to their profession and suggest a society in which work conditioned the personality and world view of each individual. It is possible to see her as having failed to be his equal, as not having his amazing but tragic ambition. He wishes he were an animal because all beasts are happy and their souls dont have an a erlife. Inns, pubs and theatres were closed down. 9. It is his love for Juliet which makes him dynamic and courageous: he risks his life at the Capulets house to be near her and later breaks a banishment order risking death, to see her again. Es. It is a comedy because it begins with the material for a comedy, like the instant attraction of the young lovers, the masked balls, the comic servants and the superficial life of street fights. 5 103.6 Es. 5 59.6 Es. Es. The use of this tense underlines the father-son relationship Highlighted in light blue: words referred to the world a er death. the dramatic quality; Sonnet XVIII: the poet addresses the addressee (Shall I compare thee); Sonnets LX and CXXX begin in medias res. 4 The language is dry and extremely concrete. What did the two roses symbolise? Beowulf reaches the land of the Danes to offer his services to Hrothgar. H 3. Commenta. Es. 6 59.7 Es. Friar Laurence. B The arches in the vault are pointed. How did the Church contribute to the development of culture? History and Culture, Literature and Genres, Authors and Texts: attraverso queste tre sezioni si sviluppa lo studio dei diversi periodi della letteratura inglese. 1st section (lines 1-12): Insults between Prospero and Caliban. He is worried about the safety of the people involved in the tempest, and he does not want to kill them but to make them experience what loss and sorrow mean. 1 13.2 Es. How do the witches move? Performer B1 Soluzioni Esercizi Svolti Pdf A tua disposizione disponibile per Scaricare o aprire Performer B1 Soluzioni Esercizi Svolti insieme alle soluzioni risolto in formato PDF rivolto a docenti e studenti Performer B1 Svolti Soluzioni PDF Esercizi Formato PDF APRI Esercizi di Performer B1 Svolti con Soluzioni PDF Online Da Stampare 3 49.4 Es. Because he is part of mankind. Which lines show that Juliet did not realise that Romeo was there at first? He was good-looking, skilled at sports, music and poetry and interested in theology. 3 41.4 Es. 3. Es. 3 35.4 Es. Her madness and death seem like her just punishment and we are sucked into Macbeths unemotional reaction to it. They hint at the suffering of hell according to medieval tradition. The Book of Common Prayer, mainly prepared by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer. Charles I was captured in 1648, condemned to death and finally executed. Just before the setting of the sun on the moors. Number of stresses: Lines 4, 7. Which adjective would you use to describe these megaliths? Their function is to introduce the theme of the a erdeath that will be later developed in Hamlets famous monologue To be or not to be (T21).They also confirm the idea of the ghost as the spirit of a dead person. 3 54.4 Es. - Test e soluzioni - eBook per il docente su DVD-ROM volume 1 - eBook per il docente su DVD-ROM volume 2 - confezione 6 CD audio per la classe volume 1 . 8. 1 52.2 Es. Es. Church doctrine was Protestant and culminated in the Thirty-nine Articles of Anglican faith of 1562. 5 156.6 Es. 8. Othello uses poetry with an elevated tone while the prose of Iago contrasts with Othellos sonorous poetry: his voice is intellectual, controlled, cynical and brutal. 1 A 5 B 2 C 4 D 1 E 6 F 3 1. Violet words: jealousy corroding Iago Orange words: Iagos desire of revenge Brown words: Iagos plan to manipulate Othello 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 77/239 Blue words: Iagos aim to destroy Othello Highlighted in green: Iagos decision to make Othello mad Lilac words: the rhyme of the final couplet underlines the passage from Othellos madness to Iagos confusion Red dots: litotes Wavy line: metaphor for Emilias honour. We are afraid of ghosts because they defy the oppositions we take for granted, they represent a trace of the impossible in what we know as reality. Marlowes use of the soliloquy in this play is notable. C 6. 1 92.2 Es. 2. A 8. 9. Spiazzi, Tavella, Layton - Performer Heritage - Zanichelli Codice Polite Pari Opportunit Libri di Testo Il Codice, approvato nel 1999 dall'Associazione italiana editori, impegna i . 1 91.2 Es. Es. Descrizione: Soluzioni degli esercizi del libro di Inglese volume 1" LE RISPOSTE COPERTE DALLE PUBBLICIT LE POTETE VEDERE COPIANDO E INCOLLANDO SU WORD LA PARTE DI TESTO NASCOSTO. 3 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 15/239 129.4 Es. It ends with the meeting of Romeo and Juliet and with the couple discovering that their families are enemies. Tick one of the following and explain why you have chosen it. 3 92 3.6 Restoration drama 92.1 Es. It creates an atmosphere of mystery. Un PDF con tutte le soluzioni verr scaricato sul tuo PC in pochi secondi. This is a trick question, as all three answers are possible. B 7. They were built to defend people. 1 1. 5 Strict morality; simple and disciplined life of prayer, study and work; individual search of ones personal God through prayer and biblical study; hard-working attitude; predestination and election; Gods grace and salvation. Is he alone? Caliban probably aroused sympathy and curiosity in the Elizabethan audience. What does it mean? Both characters nervously listen for sounds which could lead to their discovery. How does the first act end? It characterises something more effectively. King Alfred defeated the Danish commander Guthrum at the Battle of Edington in 878. 5 8.6 Es. T10 Faustus's last monologue Es. 2 40.3 Es. There is bloody action and many deaths occur throughout the entire play. What are some of the translators that God employs as the author of humanity? 2. 7. Es. Lady Macbeth, whom Malcolm calls the fiend-like queen, is seen as particularly evil, especially as women are meant to be the gentler sex. 2nd section (lines 11-23): The pointlessness of life. 1 145.2 Es. 3 1. 2 53.3 Es. 2. The social context of the play arises from the struggles between two families, the Capulets and Montagues, to gain political control of the city. However, the feeling of the poem is that his passion is more real and rare than the Petrarchan sentiment. There is great energy and life in his use of colour and description. What is the king doing and who are the people in front of him in picture 1? Imagery is all about oxymora. 5. Parliament 16. summon 17. trade 18. 3 81.3.4 Es. 1 6.2 Es. Soil 6. hath equalld 7. bid 8. dwells Es. Hamlet is a play of life and death and of mans ambiguous relationship with both. 5 1. 2 Struggle between the tyranny of Stuart absolutism the liberty of Parliament Class conflict between the aristocratic landowners the middle class of merchants, artisans and the small gentry The two parties Royalists, or Cavaliers Parliamentarians, or Roundheads Who they supported the king Parliament Regional concentration Wales, Cornwall and the west of England the city of London, the sea ports and eastern England Es. 3 96 T34 The sealing of the deed 96.1 Es. She regarded marriage as dangerous because she thought a foreign husband would subject England to overseas rule, while an English one would create factions and plots. 7 Sight. David loves the whole family and admires the way they live and he has a strong passion for Jade; however, there is a certain amount of envy in the way he describes the family and their lifestyle. 2. Who ruled England during Henry VIs mental illness? He leaves with a parting warning to Othello: Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. 6 They were innocent adolescents at the beginning, now Juliet is emphasising that their relationship has become responsible and adult. Why did he use the expression my journey to nowhere? Beginning of literary career During the period 1631-37 he published the poems LAllegro and Il Penseroso (1631); the pastoral elegy Lycidas (1637), and a number of sonnets. What does Romeo do a er seeing Juliet apparently dead in the tomb? 2. imagery; Sonnet XVIII: metaphor of the summer; Sonnet LX: similes and metaphors concerning time; Sonnet CXXX: negative comparisons. Education: He studied at the University of Cambridge, where he took his BA in 1584. It will agreed squander the time. What effect does this setting have? 7. What is the function of this linguistic image? Hell Heaven mournful gloom (line 3) horrors (line 9) Infernal world (line 10) oblivious Pool (line 25) unhappy Mansion (line 27) celestial light (line 4) happy Fields / Where Joy for ever dwells (lines 8-9) 2. Chaucer listed and described tools, clothes and personal qualities. 2.5 The Civil War and the Commonwealth Es. Es. Beowulf lives in Geatland, a realm not far from Denmark, in what is now southern Sweden. R 6. 4. 4 5.5 Es. 1 40 2.7 Metaphysical poetry 40.1 Es. Inglese. Es. 1 93.2 Es. 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 42/239 7. Hamlets friend. It is 11 oclock at night at the beginning, then the clock strikes 11.30, and in the end Faustus hears the clock strike 12, midnight. The territory includes high mountains as Mount Bernina (4050m), Pizzo della Presolana, Adamello (3554m) and is bordered to the south by the Po river, and cressed by many of its most important tributaries, the Ticino, Adda, Oglio, Mincio, that all form a number of lakes, making the region the richest of large lakes in Italy: Lake Maggiore (or Verbano), the Lugano Lake, Lake Como (or Lario . B 8. Are you acquainted 2. difference 3. holds 4. thoroughly 5. forth 6. suit 7. impugn 8. merciful Es. They lived on farming, hunting, fishing and metalworking. Es. 3 101.4 Es. Performer Heritage ti guida in un affascinante viaggio attraverso la letteratura inglese. 3. Write down each phrase near the appropriate meaning of the word sleep: A. Macbeth does murther Sleep B. 4 143.5 Es. 4 135.5 Es. Wood cracking and the groaning of the ship sinking down into the sea Es. John Donne was born in London 15 2. L'unica differenza che le copertine dei libri appariranno leggermente modificate, in modo da evitare problemi di copyright. He is the reporting pilgrim: he tells us directly or sometimes ironically what he sees and what he thinks about it. Five theories on the greatest emotion of all 81.2.1 Es. What is Wiglaf looking at from the beach? 2. Write down the lines where the ship is described. 1 101.2 Es. 2 138 T44 The creation of the monster 138.1 Es. 4 147.5 Es. 7 pictures (line 50), painted (line 51), gild (line 52), incarnadine (line 59), green (line 60), red (line 60), colour (line 61), white (line 62). 1 143.2 Es. 6. Who gives Juliet a drug to make her appear to be dead? 2 155 T53 La Belle dame sans Merci 155.1 Es. He disappears mysteriously and a hole covered in blood is found in his house. 6 The comparison between the ladys hair and wire (line 4) is not a clich. A 7. It concerned the medieval relationship between the monarch and the barons, rather than the rights of ordinary people. I should have been more strange, I must confess (line 40), but also I am too quickly won (line 33) and I am too fond (line 36) express Juliets determination. 4 It is bone-house and it refers to Beowulfs corpse. 7 34.8 Es. 4 1. audience 2. convinced 3. affair 4. loving 5. take revenge 6. torments 7. even 8. jealousy 9. mad 10. flaws T24 Eros and Thanatos Es. 12 156.13 Es. O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. 4 Charles I was captured in 1648 and was brought to London, where a commission was set up to try him for treason. They provide an example of dramatic presaging. Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? 7 82.8 Es. 1 48.2 Es. 5. 3. 1 137.2 Es. He enlisted fourteen warriors, the best he could find (lines 18-19) they had weapons, shining war-gear (line 26). Second, the hierarchy was complete and closed. 4 8.5 Es. Romanticism 3. years 4. scenes 5. orchestra 27/12/21, 19:26 Performer Heritage - Volume 1 - Soluzioni - Solu 60/239 1. mistress 2. dun 3. wires 4. delight 5. reeks 6. grant 7. treads 8. rare Es. The Geat womans cry expresses her sorrow for the death of her lord, but at the same time the fears of a whole nation of invasion, the death to come and a destiny of slavery and misery. 3 59.4 Es. This was called a correspondence. 2. 4 The high-angle shot of the burial ship makes the moment more dramatic and the figure of Beowulf more vulnerable and powerless. Amen, which is an affirmation a er a prayer. R 8. J 5. Link to Contemporary Culture: The ballad through time Es. 1 1. 1 35.2 Es. Venice was particularly exciting to the English. 2. Es. 3. 1 99 Robinson Crusoe 99.1 Es. When will the three witches meet again and where? He uses the adjective rare. According to Donne, man is not complete in himself, he needs to be part of a whole. Identify the line(s) where Desdemona declares her love for Othello. 4 1. How does Hamlet die? He married Egertons niece, 17-year-old Ann More 16 5. Line 1. First, the various ranks in the chain were fixed. Juliet is the light that frees him from the darkness of his perpetual melancholy. 1 153.2 Es. What style did Shakespeare employ in his comedies and tragedies? Es. What did Edward VI make compulsory? 7 The main features of the epic poem in the text are: the presence of a hero and the celebration of heroic values the description of a funeral the description of a military society the use of vivid language and formulaic phrases. The globe of the earth or the heavens the queen is holding in some portraits were the emblems of the microcosm and macrocosm, while the olive branch stood for her majesty. Who the Druids were The Celts priests Key dates to indicate the Roman period Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55-54 BC but the real conquest started in the years 43-47 AD under Emperor Claudius. 4 159.5 Es. Juliet is compared to a rich jewel, a snowy dove, a holy shrine, so to something pure and chaste. Elizabeth I: Her reign is o en considered Englands golden age. Claudius. 4 156 T54 Ode on a Grecian Urn 156.1 Es. Es. 4. 8. What are its most important stylistic features? What did Christopher Marlowe add to the traditional themes of Fausts story? Es. He was imprisoned by Mary I in the Tower of London for heresy and later burned at the stake. Alle risorse eventualmente indicate con questo simbolo pu accedere solo chi insegna. He is presented as a tailor that has made her feathers and wings (she is compared to a bird) to fly away from her nest. Es. They are o en given indirectly, hidden in a question or a metaphor. 6. He finds dusty books of alchemy and a golden coin on a tray. Why would it be impossible to make the shirt? The reign of Denmark is here presented as being corrupted, abused and out of joint Red dots: words referred to Claudius, who is connoted as a beast and given wicked and immoral attributes. 3. The front of the Abbey was not actually finished until the 1400s. 3. Why did David find it difficult to look at Jade? Though Doctor Faustus is regarded as a morality play, it is different from the medieval play Everyman, where Death is a character, God is rigid and vindictive, and the only life possible to reach eternal salvation is the one leading to death. 3 80.4 Es. On the le are Elizabeths Catholic half-sister and predecessor Mary I and Marys husband Philip II of Spain, with Mars, the god of war. They meet at the Tabard Inn in London and are bound for Canterbury in Kent to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket. 2 81.4.3 Es. the power of fate. 4. Students activity. 4. The queen earned the name Bloody Mary giving the Protestant Church about 300 martyrs by burning them at the stake. 3 90.2 Es. What does the girl ask the elf to do? 3 B They underline particular concepts. Why did the Anglo-Saxons settle south of Hadrians Wall? The English ships were faster and better armed than the Spanish ones, so they were able to scatter part of the Armada and get close enough to attack with their cannons. Her dress is magnificent. Would it be still effective for a modern audience? 4 3.5 Es. 4 102.5 Es. What is the title of the play performed at court? T 5. 12 risposte. The Elfin Knight. 6. Macrocosm and microcosm corresponded to each other in the chain together with the body politic (the kingdom, including its government and citizens). Even though she conforms to her astrological type, the details of her dress and her travels make her particular. 3 1. Latinised words: Region, Soil, Clime (line 1), Possessor (line 11). What was Elizabeth I like? C 3. What had happened to upset him seventeen days before? It is superior to it and more powerful. Alfred promoted himself as the defender of all Christian Anglo-Saxons against the pagan Viking threat. 1 1. 1 53.2 Es. 2. 3. Why are people afraid of ghosts? Henry VII sponsored John Cabot to explore eastern America and planted the Tudor flag in Nova Scotia. 3 1. in the course of them is this Zanichelli Soluzioni Chimica that can be your partner. 2.2 Elizabeth I Es. Pinks words:Sycoraxs black magic powers 7. At the end he commits suicide rather than live without Juliet, which is the ultimate proof of his loyalty and love for her. 4 86 3.3 The early Hanoverians 86.1 Es. Tick as appropriate to complete the summary of this story. 3. Who brought Christianity back to Britain? The narrative of Hastings was recorded in a tapestry, hanging in Bayeux, France, which is one of the most vivid representations of war in medieval history. 2 Highlighted in pink: words referred to Grendel Pink words: Grendels actions Highlighted in light blue: words referred to Beowulf Highlighted in orange: Beowulfs actions Highlighted in green: words referred to Beowulfs soldiers Green words: Beowulfs soldiers actions Green dots: Grendels supernatural powers Underlined in blue: kenning Orange words: vivid, dynamic, onomatopoeic language Highlighted in grey: alliteration Highlighted in yellow: the heros virtues Red dots: the setting Es. dean karny now,
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