Practical oral implantology and surgery




At the Department of Oral Surgery of the school of Dentistry of the Univeersity of La Habana (Cuba) with the sponsorship of the AIIP (Italian Academy f Immplant Prosthetics), Post-degree courses in Oral Implantology.
The courses are addresses to dentists who wish to start a course of learning or improvement in the field of oral implantology by going through a program both Basic and Advanced.

BASIC COURSE  – € 3.500,00 + IVA 

ADVACEND COURSE  – € 3.500,00 + IVA 

Please note that the fee for the course must be paid € 300.00 for university fees.  

The selection of course participants will be based on the chronology of requests


The participation fee includes all the educational material made available by the tutors, the implants with all the prosthetic components, laboratory material for the construction of the prosthesis, on-site assistance. Does not include flight and stay.

For more information, contact the Organizing Secretariat: 

Via Finlandia, 26 Firenze
Tel: +39 055 4364475 – Fax +39 055 4222505

Course tutors

Dr. Franco Bengazi MD, DDS, MSc, PhD

Graduatedin Medicine and Surgery at the niversitu of Padua, specialized in Dentistry.  Master of Science at the faculty of Odontology  University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

MS.c  Dr. en ciencia Estomatologica to the facultad de Estomatologia of the universitad de Ciencias Mêdicas de la Habana (Cuba) . PhD where he’s accredited as Invited Professor and Researcher. Active Member of the IAO (Italian Academy of Osseoitegration) and president -Elect of the AIIP (Italian Academy of Implantoprostheses)

He carries out his professional activity in Brescia with the practice limited to the field of periodontology and oral surgery


Dr. Tomaso Mainetti MD, PhD

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan. Dr. en Ciencia Estomatologica (PhD) at the Facultad de Estomatologia de la Universidad de Ciencias Medi-cas de La Habana (Cuba) where he is accredited as Researcher.

Associate researcher at ARDEC ACCADEMY. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Implant Prosthetics (AIIP). Effective Member of the “Friends of Brugg”. Author of numerous publications on high impact factor international journals. He holds courses and conferences both in Italy and abroad. Founding Member and Past President of the AIIP (Italian Academy of Implantoprostheses). He carries out his professional activity in Brescia with the practice limited to the field of periodontology and oral surgery.


Each student will treat surgical cases every day both as a first operator and as a second operator.


On Monday, the first day of the course, each student starts the surgery by treating a case of total edentulism which he will have to follow and later also in the pro- tective phases up to the finalization with the delivery of the Toronto-type prosthesis on Friday.

On the other days we will perform implant surgeries of both single teeth and rehabilitations of edentulous hemiarcate accompanied if necessary by re-generative surgery of both the peri-implant mucous and bone tissues. Friday will be mainly dedicated to the delivery of the Toronto prosthesis.


In the course of advanced Implantology we will carry out surgery of cases of total complicated rehabilitations, re- construction of atrophic alveolar ridges, bone-to-block grafts or autologous fragments, with removal from the external oblique gap or from the chin. Ridge expansion with the use of the magnetic hammer or Beevers and chisels, maxillary sinus elevation with graft, all depending on the present case history.

Material to bring for the course

Proper clothing for the pratice of the profession, trousers, jacket, clogs or tennis shoes

–  20 sterile paper gowns

–  packs of non-sterile gloves (100 pairs)

–  20 nose mouth masks

–  20 cuffie

–  20 sterile sheets 50x 50

–  magnification systems + LED light.


Autoclavable tool box 12 instruments (Hu-friedy, IMECC12), 1 pritchard-type periosteum scolla and 1 Kramer-Nevis PKN16, Hu-Friedy CP 15 periodontal probe, Hu-Friedy TP 5051 or TP 43 surgical tweezers, needle holder (castroviejo o mathieu), chisel diRoth C-36-37, Goldman-Fox Hu-Friedy KGF 86, Universal wire retractor with horseshoe end and one Sternberg type, scalpel handle, blade holder, scissors, mirror

–  10 PTFE 3/0 sutures

–  10 resorbable 4/0 sutures

–  10 blades 15, 10 blades 15c and 10 blades 12.

–  50 anesthetic tubofiale with vasoconstrictor (ARTICAINA CHLORIDRATO + ADRENALINA 1: 100000) OMNIA.

–  30 needles for anesthesia

–  Carpule syringe

– tacks to fix the membranes (who owns the system)

–  2 conf. Biomaterial (bio-oss or similar)

–  3 resorbable membranes

–  1handpiece for 16: 1 or 20: 1 implants (green ring)

–   straight handpiece with relative cutter for leveling the bone crest


Tools for elevation of the sinus membrane, systematic to use osteosynthesis screws.

– 5  biomaterial (bio-oss, gen-oss etc.) 

– 3 bone scratchers (Curved Meta)

– 5 resorbable membranes

– tacks to fix the membranes (who owns the system)

Nexts dates:

9-13 September 2019

7 – 11 October 2019 

15 – 19 October 2019 

3 – 7 Febbraio 2020